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Emergency! Now What?

Are you prepared for a pet?s medical emergency?


Veterinary Medicine has come a long way over time and we are very proud to be able to offer the best quality care to your pets. Our practice offers same day routine blood testing, digital radiographs, intensive care to sick pets and so much more. We use much of the same monitoring equipment under the supervision of Veterinarians and trained Veterinary Technicians that human hospitals offer. We are thrilled to provide great quality care.


But the costs associated with providing great care can be quite high and may sometimes be prohibitive. While there are 3rd party payment plans, such as Care Credit, available, we recommend our clients consider pet insurance for their four footed family members.


If you are unfamiliar with pet insurance, it works largely like car insurance. Pet insurance is predominantly accident and illness insurance, designed to be there when the unexpected happens. Some plans do offer wellness (vaccines, routing monitoring testing) as well. Like auto insurance, when you need to make a claim, you pay us and then are reimbursed according to your individual plan. For some companies this may be up to 90-100% after the deductible!


All plans are different, and no plan covers pre-existing conditions, so if you?re interested in plans, read the fine print carefully.


If you are interested in learning more, please give us a call at 603-543-0117 and we?d be happy to provide you with information about some of the companies we?ve worked with!