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COVID-19 Protocols Updates

To our valued clients: As summer starts to head for fall CAH is starting to transition to opening our facility slowly in the face of the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic. As always, our goals in this transition are to provide you and your pets the best care possible while maintaining a safe environment for all our clients as well as our staff. These protocols have been designed to allow as much social distance as possible and to reduce the number of clients in our lobby at any given time. If you have questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.


Recent Illness:

If you have a cough, cold or fever or you or someone you live with is currently in quarantine, please have someone else present your pet if your pet's condition requires immediate medical treatment. If your pet is scheduled for a preventative care appointment and you or your family have been ill or are in quarantine, we ask that you reschedule for a later date.


In any of the following cases, if you do not wish to come inside for your appointment or whatever your needs are, we will offer curbside service to you.  You still need to call when you arrive in the parking lot and let us know you are here and if you do not wish to come inside.  Please note, as our summer "runners' have all returned to their respective jobs or schooling, we are operating with a limited staff and wait times may be longer than usual.


**Routine appointments and surgeries are booking 3-4 weeks ahead, so please plan accordingly for your pet's needs.**  Additionally, we recognize it is a process to take down credit card information each time.  However, we cannot keep the information on file, as we do not have a secure location do so.  Therefore, after each transaction, the information is shredded.


Appointments: Moving forward, CAH will offer in person (or curbside, if requested) appointments to best serve the interests of our clients and patients. Regardless of your choice of appointment type, we still request that you call to check in from the parking lot before entering the lobby.  If you are coming into the building, we request the following. 


    1: Please wear a mask for the duration of your visit to our facility.


    2: We respectfully request that only one member of your family accompany your pet to well visits and visits for minor illness or maintenance of chronic conditions.  In the event your pet is more seriously ill or end of life care is being discussed 2 masked family members may accompany your pet to make decisions as a family.


    3: We request whenever possible that you provide a credit card number at check in.


After your appointment we will request that you return to your vehicle to wait for any medications to be prepared for your pet and for the invoice to be created and payment processed. We will then call you to come in and pick up your meds. This process minimizes clients waiting together in the lobby. 


    If you would rather not come inside due to COVID, have multiple family members who want or need to come or chose not to wear a mask we offer curbside appointments as well. For curbside service, call upon arrival and a member of the staff will come to your vehicle and bring your pet in to the doctor. The doctor will then call you after they've examined your pet to discuss their physical exam and any treatment or testing recommendations. Once your pet is finished their appointment they will be returned to you and the invoice and their medications will follow. 


Surgery: As of the current time, we will continue to process surgical admission paperwork curbside to minimize the amount of time you need to spend in the lobby and in the building. Please call when you arrive and a member of the team will come to your vehicle with your paperwork. After surgery, you will receive a call from the surgical team to process payment over the phone and to go over your discharge instructions. A written copy of your discharge instructions will be provided with your medications when you pick up your pet. Upon your arrival, please call and we will instruct you to come inside (wearing a mask) to retrieve your discharge instructions, and medications, as well as your pet. 


Medication and Food Pickup:

    We kindly request 24 hours notice for all food and prescription renewals. If you need a medication or food on the same day, we will do our best to have it ready within 3 hours, but can not make any promise that medications called in with less notice will be ready for pick up in a rapid manner. Whenever possible, we request that you pay by phone in advance of pick up. Then when you arrive, please give us a call to inform us of your arrival. We will either run the products out to your vehicle or have you come in to pick up if the lobby is otherwise empty. Thank you for your help in trying to reduce the number of clients in our lobby at any time as well as to make the refill process as efficient as possible.


The other option is to have food delivered to your home directly from Hills or Purina. 

For Hills please login to For Purina please login to Follow the directions and we will approve your order. 



Tech Appointments:

    Services that are performed by technicians that used to be done as non-appointment procedures are now being scheduled.  We offer these appointments Monday 9am-5pm, Tuesday through Friday 1pm-5pm.  If these times do not work for individuals, we will do our best to arrange for a different scheduled appointment.  We ask that you call when you arrive, at that time you will be instructed to enter the building and be escorted to an examination room.  The technician will come into the room to take care of your pet's needs.  After the appointment is done, we will have you go return to the lobby to pay for the services before leaving.