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COVID-19 Protocols at CAH

To our valued clients: In light of the current situation with COVID-19, Claremont Animal Hospital wishes to assure you that we are here and available to help with your pet?s healthcare needs. However, to ensure the continued well being of you, our clients, as well as our staff, we have implemented some changes to our typical operations.

For all visits to the clinic, we ask that you please call from your vehicle before entering the clinic.

Recent Illness:

If you have a cough, cold or fever or you or someone you live with is currently in quarantine, please have someone else present your pet if your pet?s condition requires immediate medical treatment. If your pet is scheduled for a preventative care appointment and you or your family have been ill or are in quarantine, we ask that you reschedule for a later date.

Changes to Appointments at Claremont Animal Hospital:

Of all people, we understand the value of the human animal bond, and know many of your family members want to accompany your pet to their appointments. However, at this time, we are following the CDC guidelines respecting social distancing and the AVMA (American Veterinary Medical Association) recommendations and therefore, we respectfully request upon arrival you remain in your vehicle and call us to advise us of your arrival. A member of our team will then bring your pet to the veterinarian for their exam. He or she will call you to discuss their findings and recommendations. In extenuating circumstances that may require you to accompany your pet, we request that only one member of your family accompany them into the clinic. Should you need to bring more members of your family to the clinic with you we certainly understand, but ask that they remain outside or in the vehicle. In all instances, please call before entering the building.

Technician Appointments:

As you are likely aware, Claremont Animal Hospital, offers a number of appointments with our technical staff. These include blood sampling for monitoring when the patient does not need to see a doctor, vaccine boosters, Cytopoint injections, laser therapy, bandage changes, suture removal and more. While during normal operations we enjoy the opportunity to interact with you, the owner, in the exam room during these appointments, in this situation we respectfully request that you allow a member of our staff to bring your pet to the treatment area for their procedure. Their needs will be taken care of and your pet will be returned to your vehicle for you. You may pay for your visit either at the time of booking by phone or you may pay by credit card from your vehicle or we will bring out an invoice for cash or check payment when we return your pet to you. If your pet has been presented for lab work, a doctor will call you with results.

Medication Refills:

When you call for your pet?s prescription refill, a member of our staff will call you after the medication has been refilled and is ready for pick up. At that time, they will ask for a credit card number by phone so that you will have no need to come into the building upon pickup. When you are ready to pick up your medication, we ask that you call when you have arrived and a staff member will bring the medication and your receipt to you in your vehicle. Should payment by phone not be an option for you, we can accept checks or cash when we bring the medications to you.

Food Refills:

If your pet needs a prescription food refilled, or any other food we sell you have 2 options. If you would like to pick up the food at the clinic, we ask that, like medications, you call ahead and pay by phone. When you have arrived please give us a call from the parking lot and we will bring the food to your vehicle.

The other option is to have food delivered to your home directly from Hills or Purina. 

For Hills please login to For Purina please login to Follow the directions and we will approve your order. 


When you arrive for any type of admission (surgery, fasted bloodwork, groomings, sedated radiographs, or ultrasound/echocardiograms) we are changing the locations of where to go over your surgical consent forms. Instead of using the exam rooms, we are now going over paperwork in our lobby.  If the weather permits, we can even go over paperwork in our parking lot. We have provided a picnic table and can even have you sign paperwork on a clipboard from your car. If you would rather go over paperwork via phone or email, we would be happy to provide you with the necessary paperwork as well.