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Equine Lyme Disease

Earlier in the year, Dr. Green wrote about Lyme Disease in dogs. It is important to note that Lyme disease can and does occur in horses. Clinical signs in horses can vary from nonclinical to significant lameness, fever, swollen joints, and inappetence. While there is no labeled Lyme vaccine for horeses, there are two different tests for Lyme disease that can be performed. The first test is the canine Lyme test or 4DX to determine if the horse has ever been exposed.  if the 4DX is positive, then it is recommended to send out for antibody titers to determine if they horse has early or chronic Lyme disease. 


IF your horse tests positive for Lyme disease there are numerous treatments available. Treatments range from intravenous injectable antibiotics to oral antibiotics. Based on the results and clinical signs exhibited by your horse, your veterinarian will determine which treatment option is best for your and your horse.